Provent Change Log

Last updated: June 26th, 2023

Version 1.1.0

  • New walk-through tour page (bottom right "Question mark" button)
  • New summer and festival themed backgrounds
  • Option to open widgets on click and have it stay open (you can toggle this option in the settings page)
  • Ul changes to the new tab
  • Custom website blocker message (you can create one in the settings page)
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0.0

  • Added more backgrounds
  • Improved the to-do list UI
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.033 (Beta)

  • Implemented pop up notifications for when the timer ends
  • Disabled other timer options when a timer is on unless it is paused
  • Added a prelist of blocked sites
  • Fixed Pomodoro timer bugs
  • Widget changes:
    • Improved UI/UX of the Google Calendar embed
    • Improved UI/UX of the missing widgets message
    • Improved UI/UX of the YouTube and Spotify widget
    • Improved UI/UX of the to do list

    Version 0.033.1 (Bug fixes)

    • Added offline images
    • Improved UI/UX of the YouTube and Spotify widgets

Version 0.032 (Beta)

  • Ability to remove your Google calendar embed
  • Fixed embed bug for removed playlists
  • Removed border from the notes widget
  • Increased font size for the date and time
  • Search bar no longer open pages in a new tab
  • Improved UX for the block websites form in the settings page
  • Centered the search bar
  • Changed text styling in settings page
  • New update alerts
  • Improved welcome page

Version 0.031 (First Beta version)

  • Modern clean chrome tab:
    • Random changing backgrounds
    • Ability to add custom backgrounds
    • Widgets
    • Apps tool bar
    • Date and time
    • Search bar
  • Pop up:
    • Pomodoro timer
    • Widgets
  • Distractive website blocker
  • Settings page
  • Welcome pop up
  • Widgets:
    • To do list widget
    • Google calendar widget
    • Notes widget
    • Spotify widget
    • YouTube widget